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We are an IRC network dedicated to the community behind the television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. We have been in service for 4 years and plan to be around for many more to come.

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Hosted BNC Availability

Sat, Jul 30, 2016

About a year ago, I announced the bnc beta program. It has worked, most of the time. There are core problems in the server-side software that we used that we could not work around. We will be sunsetting it in a few weeks after all of its current users have been migrated to our new hosted bouncer. It is based on ZNC and our automation for this is open source under the Creative Commons Zero License.

New SSL Cert

Wed, Oct 7, 2015

PonyChat has installed a new SSL certificate for the OU *.ponychat.net with the fingerprint 0142fb6de78da5d33b3c374daee375cdd42c9e5d. It is good for three years. Please update your client settings as needed. Thanks! – Xena

Hosted BNC Beta Availability

Mon, Aug 3, 2015

Over the last few months a lot of research and development has been done into how the services that PonyChat provides can be more convenient and easy to access for everyone. One thing that came up time and time again was a way for people to stay connected to PonyChat even when they were away from their keyboard or the like. A lot of research has been done, and we believe we have a solution by the name of Shout.

Some More Capacity Added

Sun, Jul 12, 2015

Hey all, We’ve added a few more servers into the rotation! Their names are scootaloo.ponychat.net (Probably not a chicken) and sunsetshimmer.ponychat.net (My past is not today). We hope that the addition of these servers will help with spreading out all of the users we’ve recently picked up. Stay cool this summer pony fans, it’s gonna be a hot one! – Xena

Recent Upgrades to PonyChat

Sat, Apr 11, 2015

Hello all,

Lots of things have been changing over here at PonyChat HQ and here is the promised post explaining everything we have changed.

Happy anniversary, PonyChat

Sat, Sep 20, 2014

This month marks the third anniversary of PonyChat. Three years ago two small groups of fans decided that it was time for a dedicated network for My Little Pony to be built that catered to fans of all kinds. In the beginning, both groups independently and without knowledge of the other started working on building the best network they could, and when they finally learned of each other it was decided that it would be in everyone’s best interest to merge, so that fans of MLP would not be split between networks.

Time Moves On and Things Change Forever

Sun, May 11, 2014

With a degree of sadness we must announce the discontinuation of three of our servers. Rainbowdash, Rarity, and Twilightsparkle. They were our original servers and the ones PonyIRC were founded on and which evolved into the PonyChat that you know today. Changes within staff have resulted in a strong reduction in budget for services. The three aforementioned servers are our most expensive and therefore must go. As a result tonight around midnight there will be a net-split as these servers are removed from service.