User Modes

Here you will find the various user modes we offer on Ponychat.
Note: The modes with a lighter color are only available to the network staff.

Mode Description
+oDesignates that this client is an IRC Operator. Use the /oper command to attain this.
+iDesignates this client 'invisible'.
+g"caller id" mode only allow accept clients to message you.
+wCan see oper wallops.
+xHas a cloaked host.
+BMarks you as a bot in /whois.
+CPrevents you from receiving CTCPs other than ACTION.
+DDeaf - ignores all channel messages.
+QPrevents you from being affected by channel forwarding.
+RPrevents non accept unidentified users from messaging you.
+G"soft caller id" mode - same as +g but automatically allows anyone who's in a common channel with you to message you.
+VPrevents you from receiving invites.
+ZIs connected via SSL (set only on connection).
+WIs connected via a web client (set only on connection).

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