Tor Access

Our Tor gateway is back! It is now connected to an internal hub server directly and now changes your vhost to reflect that you are using the Tor service. For now the address for the hidden service is dkkip7bcgrmjr2hg.onion.

Usage in Weechat

Thanks much to the anonymous user who wrote this guide, which I adapted into this tutorial.

Depending on what distribution of Linux you run, the process for installing Tor will vary. However, for Debian or Ubuntu boxes, the process for installing and setting up a basic Tor client is:

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install tor
$ sudo service tor start

After that, open a user’s IRC client as normal and instruct it to connect to the Tor Socks5 proxy at I will show an example with Weechat (binary package weechat in most distributions) below.

After opening weechat, you need to add a Tor proxy:

/proxy add tor socks5 9050

Now, create a new server:

/server add PonyChat-Tor dkkip7bcgrmjr2hg.onion/6697
/set irc.server.PonyChat-Tor.ssl on

The problem with ssl and tor is that it’s hardly possible to get a ssl certificate for a .onion domain. As a workaround for that there are two possible options.

The first solution is disabling certificate verification with this command:

/set irc.server.PonyChat-Tor.ssl_verify off

Weechat now accepts every ssl certificates, which opens the door for man in the middle attacks.

Option two is setting the fingerprint with

/set irc.server.PonyChat-Tor.ssl_fingerprint

The fingerprint is displayed when connecting to the server, so you can simply copy and paste it. You can also verify the fingerprint for the regular domain first.

Set the proxy as Tor:

/set irc.server.PonyChat-Tor.proxy "tor"

Now you need to define a user’s username and password for SASL authentication, otherwise a user’s connection will not go through.

/set irc.server.PonyChat-Tor.sasl_username "a user's_Account_Name"
/set irc.server.PonyChat-Tor.sasl_password "5up3rs3kr1+p@$$w0rD"

Finally, connect to PonyChat over Tor:

/connect PonyChat-Tor

For other operating systems such as Windows or OSX, you might have to do a little extra work, but there are many tutorials available for connecting to Freenode over Tor that can be easily adapted for PonyChat. However, it generally is the same process as above.

Technical Information

On connection to PonyChat over tor, a new service named Zuul will greet you with all of the information it knows about you.

-- | tor/registered/mdlffinoar :is now your hidden host (set by
-- | Zuul ( Your host has been scrambled to
-- | Zuul ( Please use this anonymous hidden service
                                   with care.
-- | Zuul ( Here is what I know about you:
-- | Zuul (    Nick:       xena1
-- | Zuul (    User:       xena
-- | Zuul (    Gecos:      xena
-- | Zuul (    IP Address:
-- | Zuul (    Account     Xena
-- | Zuul (
-- | Zuul ( If you have been assigned a VHost you wish
                                   to use, please run /msg HostServ ON

A detailed report like this can always get gotten from Zuul by doing:

/msg Zuul INFO

The hashed cloak that is generated will be made up like this:

tor/registered/<hash of account name>

Channel Moderation Information

If a channel wishes to ban all tor users they may do so in one of a few ways:

The first way is to ban the mask *!*@tor/registered/*. This will act as a catch-all for any user who does not have a vhost. Another, better way is to use the extban system to ban the internal only hidden server that tor users connect from. An example:

/mode #help +b $

This will ban all users on the server (the name of our tor hidden service), disallowing any users connecting via tor from accessing your channel.

If the above article is not enough to solve your problem, please email us at so that we can help you further.