Hosted BNC Beta Availability

Mon, Aug 3, 2015

Over the last few months a lot of research and development has been done into how the services that PonyChat provides can be more convenient and easy to access for everyone. One thing that came up time and time again was a way for people to stay connected to PonyChat even when they were away from their keyboard or the like.

A lot of research has been done, and we believe we have a solution by the name of Shout. We also have a simple web interface for signing up for an account on it once you get accepted into the beta program.

The bouncer server is running CoreOS and all services (Shout, the user request panel, etc) are all running inside containers. Our eventual goal is to have every PonyChat service served like this. Consider this our test of the future of production cluster management.

Join us in #bnc to request getting on the list!

– Xena